Well, after reinstalling my IDE (Visual Studio .NET 2005), database (SQL Server 2005), and getting the latest Subversion and Tortoise SVN Client, I went to reinstall my Ankh SVN plugin.

For anyone who is not familiar with AnkhSVN, it's basically a plugin for Visual Studio .NET that allows VS.NET to be "subversion-aware". When you open a VS.NET solution (.sln) file that has artifacts being managed by Subversion, it will ask you if you want Ankh to help manage the project.

After reinstalling everything and attempting to run VS.NET, I get the following error upon startup ...

I've tried both the stable version (1.0.2) and the pre-release (1.0.3) and get the same error message for both.

I'm going to do a bit of research and troubleshooting, and then post to the Discussion forums for Ankh if I can't get it resolved.