Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tampa Java User Group Meeting: Hibernate, My Experience

Well, I went to the Tampa Java User Group meeting last night. Didn't get back home until close to 10 PM ... long day.

However, I'm definitely glad I went ... it was a very positive experience. I was impressed by our speaker, Ed Lance from nTier Training (note: I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I figured I'd give them a shout because they provided their time). I've been to courses in the past where the instructor's experience had been going through the coursework as a student, and perhaps doing the labs. This was not the case at all with Ed.

Ed definitely worked in industry, and I can tell that he's someone who is very passionate about technology and programming, and digs into this stuff during his own time. There really is a difference ... you really can tell when someone's passionate about their subject, and it makes all the difference.

I've worked a lot with Hibernate, so most of it was review. However, one thing that stuck out was that he placed a lot of emphasis on Hibernate object states, and had a nice diagram that hammered this home. Also, he called his methods (if I recall correctly), makePersistent (instead of save) and makeTransient (instead of delete). This really placed a strong emphasis on what was happening to the Object State.

I did get 2 lotto tickets out of it (Ed was giving out lotto tickets to people who answered questions or initiated discussion, to keep the group engaged). This was an interesting approach. Maybe I'll get lucky.

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