Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DevConnections, Day 2

I went to a session early morning that focused on making Office Documents (Word specifically in this session) searchable via SharePoint Advanced Search.

The Advanced Search is only available in MOSS, not WSS (Windows SharePoint Services, the free version of SharePoint).

There is a core SharePoint concept of Content Type, which was defined as:

  • Collection of fields & non-field properties
  • Non-field properties are:

- Info Rights Management

- Workflow

- Template Files

  • Office Templates

- Contain all boilerplate text

- Can have fields & quickparts

- Quickparts can connect to a property.

Properties appear prominently for a document in Word 2007. There is a Document Information Panel (DIP) at the top of the document, below the ribbon.

Custom properties can also be accessed in Word 2003, though not as conveniently.

Word 2007: Insert -> QuickParts are put in as a data field. This way, the User will not have to make any extra effort to provide Metadata that can be used for searching later.

The Metadata will appear as columns on the columns of shared documents in SharePoint.

All Metadata items are added to “crawl properties”. In order to use for searching, will need to add them as “Managed Properties”.

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