Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grails, GORM, lazy loading one-to-one

I spent all yesterday evening trying to figure out a way to lazy load a one-to-one relationship. At first glace, this probably looks like an academic exercise. However, I have a very pragmatic reason for needing to lazy load a one-to-one relationship.

I have Property and PropertyDetail Domain Classes. 

For now, I am storing images in the database.

Long-term, I am going to look at using Amazon S3 for storing images, but for a personal project where I am still learning, it seems like a decent compromise.

class PropertyDetail {

    static constraints = {
        description type: 'text'

    static belongsTo = [property : Property]

    String description
    byte[] imageMain
    byte[] image1
    byte[] image2
    byte[] image3
    byte[] image4
    byte[] image5

I am going to have a list page for Property domain class.

I definitely do not want to take the hit of pulling the PropertyDetail class, not with the images stored in the database.

I hit a wall late evening, when I discovered the following Jira Issue: GRAILS-5077 hasOne mapping is by default eager and cannot be changed to lazy.

However, this is an older JIRA issue, and I did see on the recent Grails 2.1.1 documentation information on doing lazy one-to-one.

My new plan is to:

  1. Try the approach documented for Grails 2.1.1.
  2. Turn on SQL logging
        datasource { 
            logSql = true 

  3. If that does not work, drop back and remap this relationship as a many-to-one.

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  1. Hi, Philip.
    Did you resolve the problem?
    I faced exactly the same situation and thinking what to do.