Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Microservices in Azure

I've started deploying Microservice VMs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

My VMs convert Microsoft Office Documents to PDF.  I believe this is a perfect use of Microservice / appliance Virtual Machines.

Here's how I set up the VMs.

Document Conversion VM Create/Config
  1. Deploying files via copy/paste (never able to get Web Deploy working).  This was done by editing the RDP Connection->Local Resources->(check) Clipboard
  2. VM -> Network Interfaces -> inbound Security Rules.  Add http / port 80
  3. VM -> Network Interfaces -> Outbound Security Rules.  Add http / port 80
  4. Provide a Domain Name for the VM.  Go to VM -> Properties, click on the link with IP/DNS.  Will see the following interface, enter a DNS Name.

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