Friday, December 23, 2022

ECS: Running Tasks and Task Definitions

Yay, Friday night, personal learning time!  

I'm starting to look into next steps of "how would I deploy new versions of my Spring Boot Application to ECS"?

Initial thoughts would be to do the following:

  1. Update Spring Boot App
  2. Test locally
  3. Commit/push changes to GitHub
  4. Create new local Docker Image
  5. Push new Docker Image to ECR as a new version in the existing Repo
  6. Create a new Revision of Task Definition (currently at Revision 1)
  7. Stop current Running Task
  8. Run Task using new version of Task Definition

First, taking a look at what I have running now in my ECS Cluster:

Here is the details of that cluster (when I click on the cluster-name link):

Finally, putting it all together from my previous posts, here are the details of the Task when I click on the ARN of the Task.  

And note: public IP Address of the Task is

Here is me testing that I can hit my Spring Boot App on this public IP Address:

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