Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grails, Scaffolding, GSPs

I've spent the last few evenings reading up on Grails Domain Classes and Controllers, the 'M' and 'C' portions of MVC, respectively.

I have been working through Getting Started with Grails, Second Edition by Scott Davis and Jason Rudolph

Throughout the process of working through their Racetrack sample application, I have been switching between MongoDB 2.0.6 and MySQL 5.5.25. 

In the process, I have hit some bumps in the road regarding MongoDB Issues with Grails Scaffolding that do not occur in MySQL

I posted these on StackOverflow and mentioned in LinkedIn discussions.  This has led me down the path of going so far as to trying to download a tag from GitHub for newer builds of the MongoDB Plugin for Grails (as of today 2012-08-22, 1.0.0.GA is the latest official release for this plug-in).

I've also learned a lot about MySQL in the process of setting it up, securing it on Fedora 17. 

Neat things I've learned:

Now, I'm starting to learn about the 'V' aspect of MVC in Grails.  I am digging into GSPs. 

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