Thursday, August 31, 2017

Angular 4

I'm starting on Angular 4. Going through the Tour of Heroes Tutorial.

I've done plenty of Angular 1.x in industry and feel comfortable with it.

Angular 4 looks like a completely different beast altogether.

Some initial thoughts:

  • Coming from a C#/Java background, I like TypeScript
  • However, I do not like the concept of transpiling. I think it's asking for trouble, and I have no doubt at some point I will end up troubleshooting/debugging ugly transpiled JavaScript.  
  • I really think that the JavaScript V8 Engine and other JavaScript Engines should run bytecode.  Both JavaScript and TypeScript should be compiled 1st class languages, similar to how Java and Groovy are both compiled to ByteCode, as C# and F# are both compiled to MSIL.
  • I've found my IDE: Visual Studio Code. This thing is beautiful and responds very quickly and feels light and easy to use.  It's even better than WebStorm and Visual Studio .NET.  I do hate having 2 IDEs (Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio .NET) for front-end/back-end though. 

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