Sunday, August 27, 2017

Govern CMS

To-date, I've filled out 45 RFPs.

One common trend I've noticed is a need for Content Management System (CMS) Software.

Other than Website Redesign (which cannot be generalized), CMS comes in 2nd for "Most Requested Software".

So, I figured I would build a CMS System.  I have an informal CMS backing Municipal Agenda, so I figured i'd take the time to extract and formalize it into a standalone product.

To get there ...

First, the Data Model.  Everything starts with the Data Model.

More to come.

I've thought about using this as my opportunity to learn F#. 

The problem I will encounter is that this is not a common language, and if customers want to look under the hood, it will be a mark against me.  Nope, going with the tried and true C#. 

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