Saturday, November 14, 2009

ASP.NET Data Controls

I found an excellent article that highlighted the similarities and differences among ASP.NET Data Controls:

Understanding the Differences Among the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater

I've used the DataGrid and Repeater in the past (never really used the DataList), but more often than not, I'd lose track of the subtle differences between ASP.NET data controls.

The biggest problem in my view is that the name really does not provide a clear picture of either the usage or the rendered HTML of the particular Data Control.

There's also the ListView (and its DataPager) that was introduced in 3.5. I've not had a chance to write actual code using ListView ... hoping to write at least some sample code, but I've been so busy cramming for the ASP.NET exams that I haven't been doing much hands-on .NET Development.

It's ironic, but I've found that most certification exams require a high-level understanding of a vast array of topics, and even when they occasionally delve in-depth, one is better served by reading quickly through a large book (like my Microsoft Press book) than writing an application that utilizes certain technologies (such as writing a Photo Gallery that uses ListView, Membership Providers, etc.)

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