Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Passed Microsoft Exam: 70-536

I passed my Microsoft .NET 70-536 exam today. Woo-hoo!

My primary approach to preparing for this exam was the Microsoft Press book that covered the exam, as well as just pouring over the MSDN FCL documentation.

I also wrote a lot of little test programs (some of which I ended up posting on my blog). I've done a lot of .NET development, but the Skills Measured (from Microsoft's site) covered a lot of aspects of the .NET Framework that I've never used (nor had a reason to use).

The biggest ones being:

- COM / Interop. I've done standalone .NET Windows Forms clients, installer programs, and a Globalized ASP.NET Website. Never had a reason / need to interface with COM. I just studied the book on this, read articles on sites like CodeProject.

- System.Diagnostics. Coming from the Java world, I had always used log4j for my logging needs, so log4net seemed like a good, practical solution. Consequently, I never needed to use Systems.Diagnostics.

This evening, after work, I immediately began studying for 70-562: ASP.NET Application Development.

It feels like being in college again, taking final exams. :-) Good times!

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